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Ocular prostheses using 3D technology

Types of prostheses

For over 30 years Centro Ottico di Massimo Rizzi has been specialised in designing and realizing ocular prosthesis and for about 4 years it’s been crafting them with 3D technology. In doing so, Centro Ottico only uses the most advanced technologies and highly innovative materials, resulting in medical devices characterised by absolute precision and realistic look.

The prosthesis
construction process

Centro Ottico di Massimo Rizzi has a well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratory where they have developed a new system for making ocular prostheses using 3D technology, which is now in the process of being patented.

Its main steps are as follows:


Eye-print scanning

by means of a special device that allows the fail to be modelled virtually with maximum precision and in minutest detail.


Reproduction of the model

achieved using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) with a 5-axis industrial 3D milling machine, which results in a device that is perfect in size and purity of material.


Use of PMMA Medical Device Class 2A

latest generation and meeting the strictest health regulations, hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

Management of the ocular prosthesis

In order to facilitate life with the new ‘tenant’, it is good to know and implement a few tricks. Below is a preview.


Inserting the ocular prosthesis causes no discomfort to the patient, since – being tailor-made for the individual – it does not create any pressure.


The prosthesis should only be washed when necessary to avoid the psychological discomfort of repeatedly removing it and straining the eyelids. Centro Ottico di Massimo Rizzi also offers a periodic cleaning service to those who already have a prosthesis made elsewhere.


To remove the ocular prosthesis properly, follow the steps as instructed by the technician or use a suction cup provided by the technician.

A comprehensive service

Centro Ottico di Massimo Rizzi guides the patient through each stage of the process, providing comprehensive support.


Carried out right from the first meeting, during which the patient’s background and specific needs are assessed, and he or she is guided through the formalities that need to be completed.


Carried out by a follow-up request and reminders of check-up visits; this is essential to ensure that the work has been carried out correctly.


Ongoing, in order to allay any doubt the patient may have and to support him/her in the process of adapting to the prosthesis.

As additional facilitation, Centro Ottico di Massimo Rizzi has an agreement with hotels nearby the head office, where patients can stay at discounted prices during the manufacturing time of their medical device.

Our achievements

Below is a review of the ocular prostheses designed, manufactured and fitted to patients by our highly qualified team.

The prosthesis obtained with the “traditional” analogue system has a surface full of air, therefore with micro-porosity invisible to the naked eye, causing the proliferation of germs in the order of a millionth of a metre in size.

In contrast, a prosthesis obtained using the digital techniques we have developed has unique characteristics, the most important of which is the absence of micro-porosity in the material, which prevents the spread of any micro-organisms.

Practical application guide

A guide to assist the patient in applying for an ocular prosthesis.

To obtain it, click on the “Download the guide” button at the side and fill in the form with your data.


Details on the medical device’s material

As anticipated, the ocular prosthesis is crafted with latest-generation materials, distinguished by their exceptional quality. Following, our expert prosthetist explains the material’s unique properties.
Please, enjoy the viewing!


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